Monday, January 12, 2009

Webcasts & Podcasts Educate BECU Members

BECU (formerly Boeing Employees Credit Union), the 4th largest US credit union, has successfully incorporated webcasts and podcasts into its member education services. In the past year, almost 19,000 members and prospects visited the Education and Seminars web page to download the seminars, according to Todd Pietzsch, BECU Public Relations.

Todd told Mercury Direct: "As a not-for-profit credit union, our focus is aimed at improving the financial lives of our members. We developed the webcast and podcast to reach more of our members and give them 24/7 access" to BECU's financial education seminars.

The credit union has 3 full-time educators who conduct community education on topics such as home buying, understanding credit reports, household budgeting and other financial topics. Webcasts and podcasts allow the credit union to reach more members. "While the classes allow us to reach thousands of people every year, we were limited in our ability to cost-effectively reach more of our members. The webcasts and podcasts have been very well-received and easy for us to create and keep fresh with up-to-date content", says Pietzsch.

In addition to the content, BECU has captured member feedback on the classes, both in-person and electronic. The testimonial page captures member's feedback and links it back to the appropriate seminar.

BECU does an excellent job of adopting new electronic tools to meet the age-old responsibility of keeping members financially well-educated.

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