Thursday, August 21, 2008

Email Opens & Clicks Increase for Financial Institutions

MailerMailer recently released its Email Marketing Metrics Report for the second half of 2007. The report revealed several insights into email marketing usage for Financial Institutions.

Open rates* for Banking/Finance emails in the second half (H2) of 2007 were 28.84%, increasing from first half (H1) rates of 28.07%. Compared to overall average open rates of 13.98% in H2, consumers clearly give high priority to Banking/Finance emails.

Click-through rates** for Banking/Finance emails showed a similar increase in H2 at 6.98% vs. 6.52% in H1. The report also details performance by list size, bounce rates and other valuable information.

* Unique open rates are calculated as the number of addresses which were tracked as having viewed a message divided by the total number of HTML messages sent. Each address, even if it opened the message more than once, was counted only once; hence, showing unique opens. Open rates are becoming less accurate with many people reading email from hand held devices and disabling image downloading. The fact that click rates remained fairly steady suggests that people are still reading the messages even though fewer opens are being reported.

** Click through rates record how many times the links in an email message were clicked. It includes clicks from both text and HTML format recipients.

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