Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deposit Checks - From Your Cell Phone!

Forget the ATM or the branch - Amplify Credit Union in Austin, Texas has just made it possible to deposit a check via your cell phone!

Amplify launched their Instant Deposit Online service in April 2008, allowing members to deposit checks from any computer with access to the web. On June 13th, the service was extended to cell phone users with a web browser.

A quick glance at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Wachovia mobile offerings turned up no comparable capability, making this a truly innovative solution for Amplify's members.

Kent White, Vice President of Marketing at Amplify, says "With Instant Deposit Online, you can now deposit checks literally from the palm of your hand. It's a real reflection of our 'Bank Less, Live More' approach to banking."

The software that drives the service was developed by Austin-based Jwaala, a financial services software developer. Jwaala is currently in negotiations to offer the service to other credit unions outside of Texas.

Amplify, founded in 1967, is a $450 million credit union serving more than 40,000 members in the five-county area surrounding Austin, TX.

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